Sarah Armstrong

Freelance Writer

Specializing in medical topics, available for writing of any kind.

With more than two decades of experience in writing and public relations, I can help you communicate for your business or organization. Although I can and do write on any topic, medicine is my specialty.Whether you already have something written that just requires editing and polish, or if you need content created out of whole cloth, I have you covered. Audience differentiation -- addressing multiple stakeholder groups with unique interests and differing informational needs -- is one of my specialties.Everyone needs someone to write for them, and do it well.
I’m here to help.

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I’m passionate about writing that clearly communicates your mission and message: Who are you and what do clients need to know about you? I enjoy putting on my thinking cap and tailoring information for a variety of audiences. I’m detail-oriented, creative, and believe there’s a good way to help clients and the public understand anything, from the sale of a regional location to the most intricate surgical procedure.I earned my degree in journalism from Moravian College (now Moravian University) in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I started my career as a public relations associate in the corporate communications department of a large tertiary-care medical center in northern Pennsylvania. After eight years there, I transitioned into the role of public relations and marketing director for a multi-site not-for-profit senior living organization serving upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. After seven years there, I switched to freelancing in 2015, logging assignments for hospital systems, a land trust, a California community college system, human services organizations, a birth doula and more.I’m located in upstate New York, but thanks to email and phone, I can complete interviews and communicate with clients anywhere to create the materials required.


Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown Doula Service
Port Crane, NY

Sarah did a total rework of my website. She took the information that I had put together and worded it so much more nicely than I ever could! She was very communicative and asked questions where necessary. It was a joy working with her.

Cory Jacobs
UHS Foundation Executive Director
UHS Hospitals, Binghamton, NY

Sarah is one of the most talented writers I've ever worked with. She has developed a variety of donor communications for me -- solicitation letters, donor stories, annual report articles and more. Sarah always makes sure she understands the purpose and tone of each story and what the client would like to achieve from the piece. She does her research prior to writing, which often includes interviews. She can build a rapport with anyone, which is important when writing someone's story. I know I can always count on her to hit her deadlines. Sarah also has excellent command of the medical field, which can be incredibly tricky. Sarah has spent years in the medical field and can turn complex medical descriptions into easy-to-read prose. Sarah just has a beautiful writing style that is a pleasure to read. I have recommended Sarah to several organizations looking for writers and they have never been disappointed.


Tell me about your project and we’ll go from there.


How can I help? I’m located in upstate New York but have written for clients all over the country. Drop me a line at saraharmstrongwrites at gmail dot com and let me know what I can do for you.You can find me on LinkedIn at